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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Switzerland Part I

Day 1: We arrived in Switzerland on Friday afternoon. I've never had the experience of losing eight hours in travel before, and I don't sleep on planes, so I was BEAT. We are staying in a little village called Perrefitte. Here are some images of our hosts' house and Angora goat, Chiclet. The last image is the one farthest west in the village, and the rain clouds we had that evening.

P.S. Hello to my kids. I love you and hope you're having fun with Daddy.


Me said...

I love Switzerland. Most of it looks alot like where you're at. When you get home, we'll have to swap pictures. I'll show you where my great-grandma was born. Anyways, I'm glad you made it ok, and I hope that you can get alittle sleep before the big event!

Peter Loosli said...

Good luck on your shoot. Enjoy it for the rest of us stuck in Utah.