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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Days 6 & 7

Wednesday: The Alps

We got up very early yesterday, and after a tasty breakfast of muesli (my brother used to rant and rave about this stuff after spending a couple years in Germany. I would think, "oh, no, not the muesli stuff again! But now I totally get it. This stuff is GOOOOOD!) Anyway, we headed out to the Alps. It turned into a gorgeous day, not too hot, not too cold with lots of sun. We rode an open-air train on a cable up the side of a cliff (105% grade! That was pretty nerve-wracking.) and then hiked around this lake. We had a picnic lunch with plenty of cheese and relaxed by the water's edge for a bit, and then finished our walk around to catch the train down. There are no words to describe how beautiful it was up there, nor will any of my photos even begin to give you an idea of what it really looked and felt like to be up in these majestic mountains with water, green plants, and clouds showing off everywhere. It was truly awesome.

Once again, I have to give C my thanks for shooting the REAL alpine beauty! I was on this suspended cable bridge, swaying in the breeze, on tip-toe, dangling my camera off the edge just trying to get a shot. Yes, I think I may need some professional help...

After our hike, we drove to Luzern. It was quite a shock to all of us to go from serene, quiet mountains to a hectic, bustling city. We saw the bridge and water tower, and a church, and then left quickly because none of us wanted anymore big-city experiences! Holy cow (no pun intended), it really made me appreciate what a unique opportunity I've had to stay in this little village, where tourists don't flock. This is how I want to see Italy and Scotland. Anyone know of anyone getting married there? No, seriously....

On our way home from Luzern, we stopped at this little village to see if we could go in the castle. Unfortunately it was not available for tours that day, but I really liked this shot of the church that had been built over the ruins. It's got lots of those great Swiss shutters and windows that I love.

I'm supposed to ask T if he recognizes this expression...

Today (YEAH, TODAY! I'm finally on the right date!) we went to the Bern temple. It was nice to take a break from busy for a few hours. I know this is a totally generic boring shot, but frankly, I was totally photographed OUT today. I didn't feel like shooting anything. I did force myself to make a couple exceptions.

Bern was nicer than Luzern. We did quite a bit of shopping, and saw this old clock tower. I'm such a lousy tourist... I don't know its name or how old it is. Like I said, I was kind of tired today.

I may not post for a couple days. Tomorrow will be full of wedding preparations and set-up. We've promised to peel all the potatoes. Then I'll be working all day Saturday, so I don't imagine I'll have much time to do any posting. I do want to thank everybody who are following this blog. I have been checking my stats, and it has blown my mind that there are so many of you out there checking out my vactation photos! Thanks to all, and keep praying for no rain on Saturday.


Peter Loosli said...

They all look amazing. Say HI to the Swiss for me. Your moms yard looks great.

Ann Marie said...

Lots of wedding photos please!
Enjoy the rest of your swiss days!

Me said...

Bern is where my great-grandma and grandpa were born. I have never actually been there so thanks for the pictures.

I was at Lucerne the year after the bridge had burned down. There was still a small section that was the orginal, but they were rebuilding the rest of it. Such a sad story if you ask me.

And I remember the Alps. One of the favorite parts of my European trip. Thanks for sharing-I am about to cry!

Angie Blackburn said...

i was in lucerne in 2002. it brings back happy memories to see it again. it looks like it was bad weather there again. i went in september and this was the only place that we had rain!