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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day Four

I'm so confused on days. What day is it? Which day did we do this? I feel like I've done a month's worth of stuff in less than a week. Yesterday (I think!) we went to a couple different places. First, we walked to the oldest oak in Switzerland. It's over 1000 years old. It was pretty cool, but I loved the water lillies in the little pond on the hike up better!

I love that C is taking pictures of me taking pictures. I don't ever have images of me!

Can you see the face in the oak's trunk? Cool, huh!

After that, we went to a little medeval town called Saint-Ursanne. It was kind of touristy, but for good reason. It was very picturesque and quaint. My favorite part was the church, and finally acheiving my dream of photographing an old European church. This first image is the gate to the village.

This house was on the river outside of the village. I love the shutters and flower boxes on the houses here. I want to come home and put shutters that actually work for real on my house.

I'm posting this image specifically for Kim. Do you remember when C did this to you when you guys were in Paris? Some things never change.

After touring, it was back to the farm. We got to see them shoe the horses. The blacksmith had a little oven in the back of his truck that he heated the shoes in. This was really cool to watch, but SMELLY! The horses hooves stink when the hot shoe is burned onto it.

Isn't this a yummy barn? This is where the wedding is going to be if it's raining. Harsh lighting conditions, so I'm still praying really hard for NO rain.

This great guy had a huge itch. This image just cracks me up.


Me said...

How cool. I love how old everything is over there, but yet its still got a clean feeling. I'm wanting some copies of your pictures now too. Keep up the posting-I love it! Thanks!

Emily Hatch said...

all these pictures are so cool! I can't even begin to tell you how jealous i am. great job kris, this is amazing. you need to make a fabulous digital album of your trip.

Suzanne said...

And you said that you are not good at scenic shots!! Such a liar you are! ;) Keep taking the photos, cuz I am loving every shot! -Suzanne

kim said...

I am so jealous that you two are over there without me! Why is C always the one that looks so sexy running in the rain? Some things don't ever change!!! I love all of the pictures you are taking. You truly have a gift. Have fun and live it up. I'll be thinking about you 2 while I am stuck here in Utah!