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Thursday, July 10, 2008

She is Five, going on Eighteen

There are certain ages that I want to create special portraits of my children: infant (blessing clothes), 5 years (before the teeth start falling out!), 8 years (baptism), 12 -14 (can you say awkward stage?), and their senior portraits. I decided for their 5-year portraits, I want to do a location session of them doing what they love. My son loves playing video games and drawing. Since neither of those situations lends well to photography, I did a portrait of him with his fishing gear (which he also loves.) My eldest daughter was a no-brainer: she is 100% pure ballerina. So, we gathererd up her dance costume and headed out to the State Capitol for her 5-year portrait. I asked her cousin to come with us to try for some more dance samples. Being able to create images of my children like this is truly the best fringe benefit of my job!


Emily Hatch said...

Kris, these are so sweet and beautiful! You did a great job (as usual)! :)

Ann Marie said...


Katie said...

Those are darling! How lucky your daughter is to have such a talented mom. You document her life very well. You should be proud!