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Sunday, May 4, 2008

What does one get for herself for her anniversary?

So, what am I getting for 10 years in business? A GREAT BIG MESS! As of last Thursday, my studio is under construction. I have been wanting to update and remodel since we bought the house almost four years ago, and with the "economy stimulus" checks in the mail (I HOPE!) I decided to go for it. I had to start with some lighting, so I had the guys at Rentmeister Electric come install some recessed cans. Let me tell you - this was the best decision I have made regarding this project so far. They had an appointment scheduled within three days of the initial bid, and the project completed in under two hours. I've heard horror stories about getting crews in for remodel jobs, but this was just so swiftly, expertly and beautifully handled (they only had to cut one hole in my dry-wall to wire six different lights! Unbelievable!) I could sing their praises for several paragraphs, but I think my point is this - there are times when hiring a professional to do a job is WELL worth the money you pay. If I would have attempted to do this job (or nag my husband to do it), I'm positive it would have taken several weeks, and we would've made a huge mess out of the whole thing. Thank you, thank you thank you, Rentmeister Electric!!
Anyway, we got all the demolition done this weekend, which I'm pleased with, and I'll start mudding/patching tomorrow. I'll keep you all posted on updates...it's going to be so beautiful when I'm done! :-)
P.S. I only have 2 Anniversary Event Sessions still available in the last week of May. If you know of anyone who wants one, tell them to call right away! And keep those comments coming... increase your odds of winning a $50 gift certificate to The Cheesecake Factory!

Before I went completely insane and started this project...

Eeek! My studio is nekid!

Check out those awesome lights!


Katie said...

It looks totally different (probably because there is no carpet). I agree on hiring the professional though, some things are just worth the money!

Annban10 said...

Yeah! The room does look completely different! I am so exited to see the finished product!

I forsee some great studio sessions!

Suzanne said...

I think these Rentmeister Electric Men sound hot! I would really like their number, especially the Rentmeister Son. ;)

christycunn1 said...

Wow, I think I should follow your example. I am excited for you!
I have actually been thinking about taking all the furniture out of my family room off the kitchen so I can have a permanent studio.
What do you think?