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Friday, May 23, 2008

Creating Stories

Photography is such a great medium! When I was in college, we had a whole section on the nature of "photo-realism" and the phenomenon of people believing what they saw in a photo to be "truth." One thing that I absolutely love about photography, is that you can distort the truth, and even use a photo to create a completely ficticious senario, just like any other fine-art medium. One of my college assignments was to make photos of a scene that was contrived, and try to make the situation look as real as possible, so that the viewer would really believe it had happened. I had my best friends and my husband pose in the hospital as if something tragic had happened. It was such a funny experience because my husband is NOT an actor, and therefore not very believable (which is why I didn't use many images with his face in them!) These images still make me laugh more than grieve, but if you didn't know the story, I guess they could be convincing... C&T don't kill me for posting these!

I do have a point for all this rambling! I did a family session last weekend at the park. It was a pretty typical family, with mom and dad being a little stressed out about the behavior of their kids. After I was done, mom asked me if I'd do a portrait of just her and dad. We did just a few last minute shots, and these ended up being my favorite of the whole session. B&R, this image looks like you are on a second honeymoon in some Tuscan garden, and I've just stolen this precious moment without you even knowing it! How's that for a contrived situation? Anyway, I'd love to hear whatever story you want to make up about what really happened!


Katie said...


I think you did the same thing with my parents last week. My mom doesn't even remember you taking the picture and I love it. It looks exactly like you caught them sharing something together when nobody was looking. Great job-as always!

BTW, I thought the first pics were of someone having a baby. It wasn't until I actually read the post that I learned otherwise. Nice job though. I hope you got an A on the assignment.

CN said...

I completely forgot about that!! I love it! What a funny day. What grade did you get, by the way?

Annban10 said...

Chad looked at the picture and was like " Why is there a picture of T in the hospital? " I started laughing.. It looks almost like a soap opera. Too funny.

I LOVE the picture of R&B. It is priceless! Once again... great work!

Ps: I'm going to be checking every second for my preview!!