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Monday, April 28, 2008

You've got Style

I'm often asked what my photographic style is. It's a harder question to answer than one might think. The tricky thing is that "style" is an evolutionary phenomenon, and it keeps changing with trends and technological advances. This being said, however, I'm very grateful for some pretty unique educational experiences that have given me an invaluable foundation in lighting, posing, and exposure. I can't imagine trying to jump into some of the more contemporary trends that are so hot in photography right now without having that classical training first. Even though I love trying new things, and keeping up with trends, there is nothing like that timeless, gorgeous portrait that will become a prized heirloom. I'd like to think that at this time, my portraits are a really nice mix of classic and modern styles, so if you can come up with a name for that, then I'd have an answer to that really hard question.

Hey, S, here's your sneak peek! Your family has DEFINITELY got style!

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