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Friday, March 7, 2008

Five in a Million

Today I had the privilage of creating some dance portraits for Wasatch Arts Center(http://www.wasatchartscenter.com/). When I was researching dance academies for my daughter a couple years ago, I had a real issue with dance schools making little girls look like women, by how they dressed and moved. Call me old school, but there was no way I wanted my then-three-year-old involved in competitive hip-gyration. Finally, I came across this fantastic facility. They have college-graduate instructors, and really focus on technique and the love of dance. Wasatch Arts Center teaches classical, technical ballet (which is the base I want my daughter's education based on); but they also have jazz, hip-hop, tap, creative movement, dance for fitness, and other classes. Lately they've also added music lessons, and this fall they are opening a Fine-Arts preschool. Can I tell you that as an educated artist, I find this stuff REALLY cool.
Anyhow, this evening's session was a pure joy, and the girls were just absolutely the most well-behaved, politest subjects I've ever photographed. I didn't hear one of them complain about the session taking too long, or any of the poses they were asked to perform. Nobody acted as if she were better than anyone else, and there was true friendship and a complete lack of petiness through the whole evening. I was so impressed by their grace, their talent, and their sincere love of their art! It was really an honor to meet and work with all of them.
Look at this shot! These aren't humans, I swear, they're Dreams, literally dancing on air. Look at the feet of the two with black pants - they aren't even touching the ground, and they all look like they are just kind of temporarily drifting through reality into some other dimension. Good grief, you gals are SO DANG BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks so much, M, S, A, R, and M for such a great evening.

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christycunn1 said...

Kris, your dance images are really great!