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Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's Working, It's Working!!

Huzzah, my new website is up and running! Please check it out at http://www.kdportraits.com/. It's still "propagating" or whatever that technical jargon means, so if you can't see it right away, it should be there in a day or two. If you still can't see it by, say, Tuesday, let me know!! Please read the previous post for important pricing information.
In honor of said new website, I'm hosting a snapshot contest: Please send me your best photos of ANIMALS, to kris@kdportraits.com by March 8. I will post the winning image on my blog, and award its creator with a $25 restaurant gift certificate. Keep checking back for more information about my coming Special Events: an awesome new program that I am really excited about. Thanks everyone for your patience while my email and website have been down.

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