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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No, I haven't dissappeared...

...I'm just working like a mad-woman trying to get all the orders in before my lab's deadline. I thought I'd give a quick post for the benefit of A, who is leading my "#1 fan" list at the moment because of all the referrals she has given me this fall. I know she has someone specific in mind to show this cute little guy to. This is my nephew who is completely obsessed with trains. We did his 2-year old session at the Tooele Train Museum, and it was so much fun! He was the most co-operative 2-year-old I've ever photographed. What a charmer!

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Annban10 said...

So cute are these!! The first one with him pushing his train on the track is darling! You are always able to capture the " right moment "... That's why we keep coming back! ~ You bring out a beauty in our already adorable kiddies!! ~Ann