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Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Location Portrait Experience

I love classic family portraiture. My parents had a professional family portrait created at a location similar to this one when I was about 12 months. It's one of my favorites of our family because it's the only one my parents ever did outside. My brother and sister were about 5 and 3, and I can totally imagine how difficult a session it must have been for the photographer. There is something very unique about a location family portrait experience. Mom trying to get the children and herself ready; Dad either threatening or bribing everyone to be good and smile; the crazy expressions and sometimes tears; kids getting their nice clothes all dirty; the weather! It's all part of the memory that is preserved in the final portrait. I hope this family will remember how soggy the day was; the way we kept jumping under trees during outbursts; and the amateur elephant calls. It will certainly be one I won't forget soon!

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